In my house, routines are the key to my sanity. Our mornings are planned to the second, and our afternoons run like clockwork. Last night, I made the commitment to working out this morning at 5:15am like I used to… Just give it a try to see if I could make it fit into my already chaotic morning.

I laid out my workout clothes and my work clothes last night. I planned what I would send with Aubrey for her school lunch. I ensured my husband knew the plan and his part in making it work. And I went to bed early.

I am actually going to pull this off- and get bikini ready for summer in the process.

4:30am, I popped up to my alarm, excited about getting back on track with my fitness. Out the door and into the gym I strolled, early for my first workout of the year. Knowing I had to be home by 5:50am to keep my morning on track, I left my workout class a little early and headed home.

Upon arrival at home, I was pleased that my husband was holding up his end of the routine as he soon thereafter left to pick up our nanny. Before hopping in the shower, I made Aubrey’s breakfast and strawberry milk, placed her wet paper towel by her plate and tuned the tv to her favorite cartoons. With a quick glance at the clock, I headed into her room to wake her up. 6:01- pretty perfect timing. I got her settled on the couch, and Maycee who woke up, too- collateral damage, but not going to ruin the routine. Both girls were in good moods and happy (shockingly might I add), so I confidently jumped in the shower.

I am rocking this mom thing today.

6:25- I’m dressed, made-up, perfumed, lotioned, deodorized, and hairsprayed. Right on track. I packed Aubrey’s lunch, and then proceeded to the couch to get the princess dressed, her teeth brushed, and decorate her hair with braids and bows.

6:38- 3 minutes late, but still in arrive-before-the-first-bell territory. Aubrey and I load the car and drive to my mom’s for our morning drop-off. We walk up to the door, backpack and lunch kit in tote, to be confronted with a locked door.

That’s weird. Mimi knows we are coming.

Knock, knock, knock.

My pajama-wearing mom opens the door with a look of surprise.

You know they don’t have school today, right? 

*insert face-to-palm emoji and momoftheyear hashtag

Yes, the holiday was announced in Aubrey’s take-home folder weeks ago. Yes, I probably saw it, but I don’t remember reading it. I’m doing well to make sure she comes home on green and does her homework every week. Now, I have to read the bulletins, too?

I’m really just kidding. I want to read them. It is just that after bath time and book time and don’t hit your sister time and no you can’t have candy for dinner time, I run out of time to read the school bulletin.

I think God may have cracked a smile at my shortcoming today because when I got home from work, some 21-year-old model was on Ellen talking about her goals when she moved to LA, which included being on the cover of Vogue and being on Ellen. I couldn’t help but think My what a different world she lives in.

You know what my goal is? Only take my daughter to school on actual school days, not holidays. That’s what I call #winning. Or at least #progress.